“Huw Edwards: Revision, Nerves, and Tea – Anchoring BBC’s Terrifying Ceremony”

Huw Edwards: A Broadcasting Icon Prepares for the Coronation


Huw Edwards, renowned as one of the world’s most accomplished broadcasters, finds himself at the center of an extraordinary event—the upcoming Coronation. As the trusted voice behind breaking news, including the announcement of the Queen’s death and her state funeral, Edwards now faces the daunting task of guiding viewers through the monumental Coronation ceremony of King Charles III.

A Confession of Mixed Emotions: Excitement and Terror

Excitement and Apprehension:

While Edwards admits to feeling a deep sense of excitement, he doesn’t shy away from confessing his underlying apprehension. The scale of the event, with no coronation having taken place in 70 years, contributes to his mixed emotions. Edwards anticipates an overwhelming level of global interest, knowing that billions of viewers worldwide will be tuning in to witness this historic moment.

A Historic Event with Global Interest

A Rare Occasion:

The rarity of a coronation further amplifies the significance of this event. The last time such a ceremony occurred was in 1953, making this coronation an occasion of great historical importance. As King Charles III ascends to the throne, the world’s eyes will be fixed on Westminster Abbey, eagerly observing the traditions and rituals that accompany the crowning of a monarch.

 Huw Edwards: The Trusted Guide through the Coronation

Leading the Coverage:

Huw Edwards, the esteemed broadcaster, has been entrusted with the responsibility of being the viewers’ guide throughout the Coronation. As the BBC’s chosen commentator, he will be their steady voice during the service at Westminster Abbey. Edwards recognizes the weight of this responsibility and is determined to provide an informative and engaging commentary, ensuring that viewers feel connected to every moment of this historic occasion.

Thorough Preparation: Months of Homework

Dedication to Preparation:

In anticipation of the Coronation, Edwards has devoted countless hours to meticulous preparation. For the past month, he has dedicated his spare time to comprehensive research, leaving no stone unturned. His commitment to doing his homework is evident, as he strives to deliver accurate and insightful commentary that reflects the magnitude of the event.

Immersed in History: Studying the Last Coronation

Learning from the Past:

To truly understand the intricacies and nuances of a coronation, Edwards has immersed himself in the study of the last coronation in 1953. He has watched the extensive coverage of that event multiple times, absorbing the details and immersing himself in the historical context. Edwards’s deep knowledge of past coronations will undoubtedly enrich his commentary, providing viewers with a greater appreciation for the traditions and symbolism associated with the ceremony.

Daunting Scale: Challenges Await Huw Edwards

Overcoming the Daunting Task:

Despite his experience, Huw Edwards openly acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead due to the sheer scale of the Coronation. Even with a scaled-down event as per the King’s request, the enormity of the occasion remains. Edwards accepts the weighty responsibility of providing insightful and engaging commentary, ensuring that he rises to the occasion and delivers a memorable broadcast that captivates viewers worldwide.

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