Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students

The Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students offer a beacon of hope and opportunity for talented individuals from less privileged backgrounds. These scholarships, funded by the University of Oxford and various partnering institutions, provide a life-changing chance for students hailing from developing countries to pursue their dreams of higher education at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The program not only covers tuition fees but also includes living expenses, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder academic aspirations. By empowering these scholars with world-class education, the Reach Oxford Scholarships contribute to fostering future leaders and change-makers who will make a positive impact on their home countries and the global community. This initiative serves as a testament to the University’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, bridging gaps in educational access and fostering a more equitable world.

The Reach Oxford Scholarships program is more than just a financial aid opportunity; it represents a commitment to academic excellence and social progress. It recognizes that talent knows no borders and that the potential for greatness resides in every corner of the world. By welcoming students from developing countries, the University of Oxford not only enriches its academic community with diverse perspectives but also empowers these scholars to return to their home countries as catalysts for positive change. These scholarships pave the way for innovative thinkers, researchers, and advocates who can address critical global challenges, from sustainable development to healthcare disparities, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.

Benifits Of Reach Oxford Scholarships:

  • Access to a World-Class Education
  • Financial Support for Tuition and Living Expenses
  • Global Networking Opportunities
  • Empowerment for Students from Developing Countries
  • Enhanced Career and Academic Opportunities
  • Cultural Exchange and Enrichment
  • Research Opportunities and Academic Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Promotion of Diversity on Campus
  • Positive Social Impact on Home Countries

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Details About Reach Oxford Scholarships

  • Scholarship Name: Reach Oxford Scholarships
  • Programs: Undergraduate Degree
  • Location: UK
  • Deadline: 16 Oct 2023/ Feb 2024 (annual)

Several Oxford colleges extend Reach Oxford Scholarships (previously known as Oxford Student Scholarships) to students hailing from developing nations. These scholarships aim to assist individuals who, due to political or financial constraints, or the absence of equivalent educational opportunities in their home countries, are unable to pursue a degree locally.

Host Institution(s): Reach Oxford Scholarships

  • Oxford University, United Kingdom

Level/Field(s) of Study:

  • Undergraduate programs encompassing all subjects listed, except medicine.

Number of Awards:

  • Typically, 2-3 scholarships are granted annually.

Target Group:

  • Eligible applicants must be nationals of countries that are recipients of official development assistance from the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). For the complete list of eligible countries, please refer to the official website.

Scholarship Value/Inclusions/Duration:

  • The scholarship covers tuition fees, college fees, provides a living expenses grant, and includes one return airfare per year. The scholarship duration spans either 3 or 4 years, depending on the length of the chosen course.


  • This scholarship opportunity is exclusively for candidates who have received an offer from the University and demonstrate exceptional academic prowess. Consideration is also given to financial need and a commitment to societal betterment. Applicants should have the intention to return to their country of primary residence upon completing their studies. Priority is accorded to students who have not previously pursued undergraduate studies.

Application Instructions:

  • Scholarship applications for the 2023 entry have closed. Details regarding the application process for the 2024 entry will be accessible on the official website in January 2024.
  • To be eligible for the scholarship, you must have submitted a University application through UCAS by October 16, 2023, and successfully secured a place. Subsequently, you will need to complete a separate scholarship application form. Specifics about applying for the 2024 entry scholarship will be provided on the official website (link below) in January 2024. The deadline for scholarship applications will also be announced, but it is typically in February 2024.
  • It is crucial to visit the official website (linked below) for comprehensive details on the application procedure for this scholarship.


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