ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for International Students

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries in Asia and Pacific embodies a profound commitment to transforming lives and fostering regional progress. Developed as a collaborative effort between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Japan, this initiative recognizes the pivotal role that education plays in driving socioeconomic development. With a focus on inclusivity and equal opportunity, the program seeks out individuals with exceptional potential from marginalized backgrounds across the Asia-Pacific region.

At the heart of this scholarship lies the aspiration to bridge educational gaps and empower talented individuals to become change agents within their societies. By offering fully-funded scholarships, the program not only alleviates the financial barriers that often hinder deserving students but also serves as a catalyst for intellectual growth and cultural exchange. Recipients are granted the privilege of pursuing advanced degrees in an array of critical fields, ranging from economics, engineering, and information technology to environmental sciences, public health, and urban planning.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this program is its enduring impact on both individual lives and the broader regional landscape. Beyond the classroom, scholarship recipients form a diverse and interconnected community of scholars, enriched by cross-cultural experiences and a shared commitment to effecting positive change. As these future leaders return to their home countries upon completing their studies, they bring back not only their newly acquired knowledge and skills but also a global perspective that informs their approaches to addressing multifaceted challenges.

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program has proven to be a beacon of hope for countless individuals who would otherwise have been denied access to higher education. By empowering these scholars with the tools to become drivers of innovation, social progress, and sustainable development, the program perpetuates a cycle of positive transformation within their communities. As the scholars pay forward the knowledge they have gained, they contribute to building the human capital necessary for their nations to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and complex world. In doing so, they embody the core principles of education, collaboration, and progress that lie at the heart of the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program’s vision.

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Details About ADB-Japan Scholarship

  • Scholarship Name: ADB/Japan
  • Programs: Masters
  • Location: Asia, Australia, NZ
  • Deadline: varies

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) holds a core aim of providing well-qualified individuals from ADB’s developing member countries with the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in areas like economics, management, science and technology, and other fields integral to development. This program enables them to enroll in select academic institutions situated in the Asian and Pacific Region. As they successfully conclude their academic endeavors, these scholars are envisaged to actively contribute to the progress of their home countries, both economically and socially, thereby fostering sustainable development within their regions.

Fields Of Study of ADB-Japan Scholarship

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program encompasses postgraduate programs in disciplines such as economics, management, health, education, agriculture, environment, natural resource management, science and technology, and other fields linked to development. However, it’s important to note that only study programs provided by academic institutions participating in the Asian and Pacific Regions are considered eligible for funding through the ADB-JSP.

Eligibility Criteria

  1.  Individuals must hold citizenship in an ADB borrowing member country (applicants from countries that have ceased borrowing from ADB are ineligible for the ADB-JSP Scholarship).
  2.  Candidates should have secured admission to an accredited MA/PhD program at a recognized academic institution.
  3.  A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a strong academic performance is required.
  4.  At least two (2) years of full-time professional work experience (attained post completion of a university degree) is mandatory during the application phase. Proficiency in both spoken and written English is essential for successful pursuit of studies.
  5.  Applicants should not exceed 35 years of age at the time of application. In exceptional circumstances, such as programs tailored for senior officials and managers, the maximum age limit is extended to 45 years.
  6.  Applicants should be in sound health.
  7.  Candidates must commit to returning to their home country upon completion of the Program’s studies.
  8.  Executive Directors, Alternate Directors, staff members, and consultants of ADB, along with their immediate relatives, are ineligible for the Scholarship.
  9.  Staff members of academic institutions are also ineligible for the Scholarship.
  10.  Applicants residing or employed in a country other than their home country are not qualified for scholarships.
  11.  ADB-JSP does not provide support for individuals who are already enrolled in graduate degree programs.
  12.  Undergraduate studies, distance learning initiatives, short-term training, conferences, seminars, thesis composition, and research projects do not fall within the purview of ADB-JSP sponsorship.

Application Procedure

Prospective candidates are advised to procure information and application forms directly from the designated Academic Institution of their choice. During this process, applicants should explicitly convey their intention to seek admission and express their interest in being considered for the ADB-JSP Scholarship. The completed application form provided by the institution, along with all requisite documents, including the ADB-JSP Information Sheet form, should be submitted to the academic institution itself. It is noteworthy that a distinct application to ADB is not required.

To ensure a streamlined application process, it is recommended that scholarship applications be submitted at least six months prior to the intended commencement of studies. For specific details about the usual intake month and the application deadline at the respective participating academic institutions, please refer to their official resources.

For comprehensive guidance on the application procedure for this scholarship opportunity, it is highly advisable to visit the official website, the link to which can be found below.


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