Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students represent a prestigious and highly sought-after opportunity for international scholars looking to pursue higher education in Switzerland. These scholarships are a testament to Switzerland’s commitment to fostering global academic collaboration and promoting excellence in education. Through this program, talented individuals from around the world are given the chance to study at some of Switzerland’s renowned universities and research institutions, gaining access to world-class education and research facilities. This initiative not only supports academic exchange but also promotes cultural diversity and international understanding. Recipients of these scholarships not only benefit from top-tier education but also contribute to Switzerland’s vibrant academic community, making it a win-win endeavor for both the scholars and the host country.


Certainly, here are the benefits of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students presented without headings:

  • These scholarships provide a prestigious opportunity for international scholars.
  • They reflect Switzerland’s commitment to global academic collaboration.
  • Promote excellence in education by granting access to top-tier Swiss institutions.
  • Offer access to world-class education and research facilities.
  • Encourage cultural diversity by welcoming talented individuals from around the world.
  • Foster international understanding and cooperation among scholars.
  • Facilitate academic exchange and collaboration on an international scale.
  • Scholars contribute to Switzerland’s vibrant academic community.
  • Create a mutually beneficial situation for both scholars and the host country.

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Details About Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

  • Scholarship Name: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships
  • Programs: PhD/Postdoctoral Degree
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Deadline: Sept-Dec 2023

Annually, the Swiss Confederation grants Government Excellence Scholarships with the aim of fostering international exchange and research collaboration between Switzerland and more than 180 other nations. These scholarships are open to postgraduate researchers in all fields, requiring a minimum of a master’s degree, who intend to pursue research or advanced studies at the doctoral or postdoctoral level within Switzerland.

Host Institution(s):

Belonging to the category of Swiss educational institutions, there are ten cantonal universities, as well as two federal institutes of technology, and various public teaching and research institutes.

Level/Field of study:

Doctoral or Postdoctoral Studies or Research in any discipline.

Intended Recipients:

This program is designed for international students hailing from over 180 countries. To find the comprehensive list of eligible countries, kindly visit the official website.

Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship encompasses various provisions such as a monthly stipend, tuition fee waivers, health insurance, airfare, housing allowance, and more, as relevant to individual cases. For precise details on scholarship benefits tailored to each country, please consult the country-specific fact sheets.

Qualification Requirements:

For a comprehensive understanding of the general and specific eligibility criteria, we recommend referring to the country-specific fact sheets.

Application Guidelines:

To apply for this scholarship, we recommend reviewing the country-specific fact sheets, which contain essential details regarding eligibility criteria, application procedures, deadlines, and contact information specific to your country. If you meet the eligibility requirements, please get in touch with the Swiss diplomatic representation in your home country. They will furnish you with all necessary information concerning the application process, including application forms and a list of required documents.

The application deadline for the year 2023 spans from September to December, contingent upon the specific Swiss Embassy to which you need to submit your application.


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